Monday, 4 November 2013

2013's Pumpkin Parade Was a Smashing Success!

Thanks to all who came out to this year's Pumpkin Parade! It was great to see so many neighbours, particularly families new to the area. 

This year 's Parade than tripled the number of pumpkins over last year's event - making this year a smashing success, ha ha! Let's hope this is a continuing tradition. Happily, there is plenty of room to expand!

Many thanks to all involved, particularly to: 

- Our student volunteers, for keeping the pumpkins lit and taking photos,
- Ward 17 City Councillor Cesar Palacio, for helping with pumpkin pick-up arrangements,
- Frank Ruffalo and staff at the JJP Community Centre, for letting us use the entrance to the Centre, providing help with cleanup, and helping to promote the event. 
- MP Jonah Schein, the Corso Italia BIA and local schools for helping us to get the word out. 

A few of our many favourites - 

Thanks to the early birds who set up their pumpkins before we had even arrived

This family has some serious talent - they carved an amazing Darth Vadar last year

That red pepper?
This family has a new baby and didn't have a chance to pick up a pumpkin, but didn't want to miss out!

So fun!

FoEP volunteers with Cllr Cesar Palacio, MPP Jonah Schein and JJP staff 

 More picture are available by clicking here

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