Wednesday, 27 May 2015


If you haven't been to the south end of the park recently, you may not have seen the new stairs and ramp that lead into the park from Davenport Road. All we can say!

The previous staircase, a wooden railway-tie version, had aged to the point where it needed to be completely replaced. This capital improvement project was expanded to include an accessibility ramp, with preservation of the existing, healthy trees in the area a top priority in design proposals.

Several proposals later, the final design was selected; construction started last fall and the final finishing work completed earlier this month.

We couldn't be more delighted with the final results. This project has truly beautified this section of the park and has greatly improved access from the south. If it's your habit to stick to the north or central areas in the park, do make the time to stroll over and have a look.

View from Davenport, looking up. The dog park is at the top of the hill.
Side view of the stairs

View from the top of the stairs, looking down towards Davenport

Walkway leading north-west from Davenport

Walkway curves east towards the dog park and south-east corner of the track.

Midway point of the walkway. Perfect spot to relax with a book and a snack.

Looking south-west from the walkway


  1. What a blog! Good job....!! Keep sharing.

  2. Now if only the stairs at the southwest corner could get this treatment!